Who are we?

Our Story

Datum Aquatics. A new and innovative company founded in 2018. The company started when a few engineers saw the struggle that the fish farming industry must go through to protect their livelihood. Armed with their knowledge, they seek out to resolve the problems that had plague the industry; figuretively and literally. Having done analytics to help business owners improve their companies in the new age of multimedia and social media, they knew they can take that mindset and build something for the hard working people that provide food to so many.

As time goes by, the team has incorporated other engineers to create an environmentally sound product that will better serve the needs of their customers while staying true to its commitment for high-quality services.

Datum Aquatics mission is a partnership-like relationship with its clients. The organization is very important to maintain the flexibility and ability of being able to serve such relationships through open door concepts, which allows them to engineer products that can be manufactured or implemented based on client needs.