Neptune Air

Neptune Air is a multi-sensor device designed to measure Temperature, Humidity, and CO₂ Levels. This unit is controlled by a Mobile App, provided to users, where threshold levels can be set, and historical data can be viewed (data storage rates may apply). This unit is capable of sending alerts (via SMS and/or email) to signal when issues arise.

This unit is capable of being connected utilizing local Wi-Fi connections and/or cellular connections (cellular charges may apply). This unit is also able to function as a stand-alone model or by employing an IoT configuration for a multi-device array. Multi-device arrays will require an additional Access Point (AP), which would allow for an additional ten Neptune Air devices, that are within a 200 ft line-of-site.

Neptune II

The Neptune 2 is designed as a stand-alone model that measures dissolved oxygen (DO), pH Levels and Temperature. This unit incorporates two power options, this first is a 12v plug in, and the second is a solar powered array with a 10 Amp battery source. An optional communication connection is also provided that includes a 2.4GHz – 5GHz Wi-Fi Connection, or a 4G/LTE Cellular connection (cellular charges may apply).

Issues with Dissolved oxygen control are critical in fish farming and other forms of aquaculture. The volume, or “DO” level for water can have a huge impact on your livestock’s well-being: it affects the number that survive and their growth rates.

Our Neptune Floating DO system will help you to see your changing environment and react accordingly. This is done with the parameters that have been set, increasing response time while decreasing fish mortalities in return for a higher yield potential!

Neptune V

Neptune V is another unit, similar to the Neptune II, that is equipped to monitor Total Gas Pressure (TPG), and Dissolved Oxygen (DO). Unlike the Neptune II, Neptune V has evolved to include the monitoring of Nitrogen (N₂). Like the Neptune II, this product also provides the choice of power capacities that include a 12v plug in option, or a solar powered option with a 10Amp battery source. A Wi-Fi/Cellular option is also introduced in this unit the provides options of a 2.4GHz – 5GHz Wi-Fi connection, or a 4G/LTE Cellular connection (cellular charges may apply).
This unit also comes available with the App Portal Access, that allows the user to calibrate probes, connect to local Wi-Fi, establish threshold settings and receive alerts via SMS and/or Email, and much more.

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